Which is the best ipad case?


It was no surprise that as soon as the iPad hit the market, a flood of great cases and covers for them were designed. It’s tough to choose among so many, but by evaluating your needs first, you can find the best iPad case for you and your needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, consider the material from which your iPad case is made. Neoprene is being made into everything these days, including iPad cases. It’s lightweight, weather-resistant, and doesn’t require much care. Leather is great looking, and with care it often looks better with age. Hard plastic gives you great protection, but doesn’t stand up as well to scratches. You can even get iPad cases in silicone, which is a nifty material, but which may not last as long.

If you need a built-in stand, be sure the case you choose includes one. Also consider whether you want to leave your iPad in the case while you use it or if you will remove it. If you’re going to be taking it in and out, make sure it is easy to remove. Some cases fit tight. If you want to put it in the stand while it’s in the case, you’ll want a sleeker, less bulky case.

If you’re going to be carrying your iPad in an iPad-specific bag, you may not need more than an easy-to-grip skin cover. But if you plan to carry it in your regular bag, backpack, or briefcase, you’ll want a more protective case.

The Otterbox Defender iPad case was made for those who are prone to dropping (Ouch!) their iPad. With three layers of protection, a built-in stand, and silicone grip pads on the bottom, it’s about as close as you can get to having a guardian angel for your iPad. Otterbox also makes a less klutz-proof model, the Commuter, which still guards your iPad from everyday dings and scratches. It includes a protective film cover for the touch screen to keep it looking spiffy.

If you have a special bag to carry your iPad in, consider a MiniSuit iPad skin case with screen protector. It’s not designed to protect from bumps, but does a great job of protecting from scratches. It comes in a large range of colors, including clear.

The iPad Tablet Hard Nylon Cube carrying case has a neoprene front, pocket, carrying handle, and anti-glare screen protector. This is a carrying case and bag all in one and comes in black or red.

A leather iPad case is a statement not only of functionality, but style too! Acase makes a Deluxe Leather multi-view case / folio with a built in stand that has a snap closure and an opening for the iPad’s light sensor. The stand has 13 different adjustments so you can get the angle just right. And the black leather goes, of course, with everything.

You’ve invested quite a bit in your iPad, and you definitely want to do what you can to protect it. Luckily, it’s easy to find an iPad case that suits your habits, use patterns, and personal taste while keeping your iPad like new.

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